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Studio Availability for Summer 2015

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Project Studios has spaces for fine artists, designers, and photographers that are available July and August 2015.  For information on any of these studios please use our contact page or send us a message via Facebook.

“The Jackie” is a large, private, and very quiet studio immediately next to the passenger elevator with a freight elevator a few steps away. It has several south-facing windows that can be opened, Air-conditioner, LED track lights, and a fridge.

The “Strawberry Spot” is part of our 5th floor share room at 321 Newark Street. This studio has track lighting, ceiling fans, and two air-conditioners. During winter months, the heat is both from the central steam boiler and an electric unit on the ceiling. The studio is part of a 1100 sq. ft. suite shared by two other studios.

The “New Master” is a 500 sq. ft. part of our 2000 sq. ft. shared suite on the 4th floor of 300 Observer Highway. This studio has one of the doors that exits the suite, so other artists may pass through, however it is not the main entrance to the suite. The suite is air-conditioned and some natural light from nearby windows.

All spaces have wi-fi and all utilities included.


July and August 2015:

3rd Floor Private: “The Jackie” 450 sq. ft., $1250.00

5th Floor Share: “Strawberry Spot” 250 sq. ft.,  $500.00

4th Floor Share: “New Master” 500 sq. ft., $900.00 (Available now)

3rd Floor Private: “The Rose” $500.00 (Available September 1)