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Now in Stock for March 2013: Art Studios

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Yes, we have new studios ready for February. At the time of this blog post, we have one studio that is ready for a new artist tenant. Here are some under-construction studios that we will be preparing in the next few days.

Neumann Leathers Building C, 3rd Floor

$725.00 per month, 470 sq. ft., 1 Window, 220v Air Conditioner, upgraded 110v electrical, all utilities + wifi included

This studio is on the third floor facing South. There is a view of the waterfront and lower Manhattan. True, this space only has one window, but the other window (bricked up in antiquity) houses a powerful air conditioner. Floors are wood, walls are sheetrock and brick. Lights are 8′ tube-light fixtures.


Neumann Leathers Building A, Ground Floor

$650 per month, 450 sq. ft., Two Windows, upgraded electrical, High-Voltage available, all utilities + wifi included

This one is on the ground floor, sharing walls with Proto Gallery. This studio has concrete floors, a brick wall, and three sheetrock walls. There will be one or two windows depending on how the construction goes. The door will be a double steel door, so this is a good space for producing  large work. Lights are 8′ tube-light fixtures.


Two New Studios at Neumann Leathers in Hoboken for October

Monday, September 24th, 2012

We have just completed two new studios in the Neumann Leathers Factory that will be ready for leasing/licensing October 2012. One studio is about 350 sq. ft. and the other is about 500 sq. ft. give or take. Anybody who is looking for a studio should just contact us directly to get a tour and get the final price. Hyza Laurente and her crew jumped into one of the (brand new and still unfinished) spaces this weekend for a few hours of photography.


The Boss: POLAROID #4

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


De Pirro the Boss

The sequel to Get Serious, The Boss was also created as an identification photo at the Sherman Studio Art Center. Ian saved this one as well. Speaking of Sherman studios, I came this close to tossing a roadkill skunk into one of the glass furnaces over there one night. This photo features a Delille Oxygen welding cap, in effect!

Polaroid #3

Monday, February 16th, 2009













Here is the most celebrated polaroid of all, the infamous Get Serious tool crib identification picture. I don’t recall who took the photo, but they obviously amused me in a big way. This photo was saved by Ian Williams so that he could always keep in mind that he needed to get serious. Also, it had my phone number on it. Both numbers are now obsolete. The purpose of the photo is supposed to let everybody know who is allowed in the shop. It also keeps away evil spirits by intimidating them.