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We Like Rock

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Project Studios would like to welcome Tucker Rule and the band Thursday to our studios in the Neumann Building in Hoboken. The nighttime life of the studio is Rock and Roll, so I am pleased to have such an outstanding group of artists take up residence.

I want to take this moment to just write about Rock and Roll. I can’t play guitar. I stink at it. I can’t even learn it properly. Dave Hickey writes in Air Guitar about how Rock and Roll is just getting together to, “just play this fuckin’ song, man,” or something like that. I am paraphrasing. The point is, Rock and Roll is where I want to be in all of my work. I want to be the kid in Andre Rublev who casts the bell. I just want to pull it off.

I have neighbors in my building who are not Rock and Roll. They told me Rock and Roll disturbs them when they are applying gold leaf to antiques. I can’t imagine something worse. To hell with antiques. Gold leaf is only good for R/C Cars. I will take you to task, antique dealers. I remember when I lived in Columbus and Rollins was a guest DJ on the local Alt-pop station for two hours. People called in asking for “nice music.” He said, “I am playing Rock and Roll.” I will never forget it. They couldn’t even handle Rock and Roll for two hours! Just get together and play the fuckin’ song.