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Update: One of Our Best

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

They go fast, what can I say?

If this studio sounds good to you, contact us. We always have something new cooking.



Work-only art studio for rent.

275 sq. ft. studio for painting, sculpture, design, creative enterprise. Internet wifi included. Two windows that can be opened. 13 ft. ceiling. Hardwood floor.

Private space, with a locking steel door and walls to the ceiling on all sides. Numerous grounded electrical sockets. Fluorescent Tube light fixtures. Very good natural light with western exposure. 2.5 cu. ft. Refrigerator included for use if desired. Exhaust fan is already installed. Utility sink just outside the space and a bathroom down the hall. 24 hour access, noisy tools and a loud stereo are A-OK!

$475.00 per month

At this time the studio will be leased on a month-to-month basis with one-month’s rent as deposit. If a studio is rented by more than one individual, an additional fee will apply. Heat, electrical, and trash is included. Dumpster is right down the hall.

About the Studios:
The studios are located on the 3rd floor of the Newman Leather Building; a few blocks of the PATH train station in Hoboken and a few blocks from the Holland Tunnel by car.

The available space is a section of a larger space that is divided into individual studios on the 3rd Floor of the Neumann Building H. Each studio is secured with a normal sized door, unless a double door is needed. A double door can be installed to modify an existing door, but some smaller spaces may not accommodate this easily. I may choose to construct horizontal rolling doors for artists that need wide entrances. The ceiling height for all studio spaces is 13 ft. Floors are wood. An operational sprinkler system is in place, and the enclosing space in the warehouse has two exits with an exterior fire escape and internal stairwell nearby. A passenger elevator and separate freight elevator and shared bathroom are in close proximity to the big room. The bathroom is regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning service. A sink has been added inside the big room for cleanup. There are two vending machines in the hallway. The building is open 24 hours, and a security guard is on duty from about 4 PM until 8 AM. The neighborhood is very safe, and there is a police sub-station across the street. There are plenty of good places to eat and hang out within a few minutes walk from the building. Parking for tenants is in a lot on the property, which is enclosed by a fence. There is no fee for tenant parking.

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Mobile Phone: 312 593 5728

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Music/Art Space Available starting Nov 1 2012

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Looks like we will have a music rehearsal/art studio space available starting October 15 on the 3rd floor of Neumann Leathers at Project Studios, any takers? This space was formerly used by the band Thursday as their practice room.

250 sq. ft. $425.00

All utilities are included as usual:

Trash: dumpster conveniently located on the 3rd floor.

Internet: wifi (wired internet if requested)

Electrical and heat.

Individual musicians can play 24-7 if the noise is minimal, full bands can play between 4:00 PM and 7:00 AM (all night) with 24 hour access. A security system watches the door.

This is a windowless space, so fine artists should only contact us if they don’t feel windows are required for their work.

The studio is located inside the Project Studios compound on the 3rd floor of Neumann Leathers in Hoboken. There is a main steel double door to enter company property, and then another steel door for entry to the studio itself.

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