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Meteor Drawing

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008


Two new studios are being constructed at Project this week. One is already rented. Mr. Kivetz will be joining me in the main studio as a share, and his old space will be turned over to a new tenant. I am also in negotiations with another building in Jersey City that will be the future home of my personal studio, if all goes as planned. The space is beautiful, but a bit expensive, and the building owner is not quite comfortable with having me in the building.

I am going to include drawings that I put up for the open studios event with my next few posts until I have something else to show. This post’s image is a study of a meteor. Charcoal and white pastel, I think. One of these days, that project is going to get made. Maybe in the new studio.

Study for Hall of Meteors


Open Studios at Neumann

Monday, May 26th, 2008


On May 18th, the Neumann Leathers Tenants Association organized another open studios event. The goal was to promote the building as an important feature of the Hoboken neighborhood instead of a doomed anachronism. It was a moderately successful event with most of the building participating. The 6th floor was restricted from opening their doors citing security issues. I can understand their concern in a limited way, but it is pretty easy to put away or secure anything valuable before the public arrives. I am pretty sure that the issue is that the 6th floor is so unorganized and messy that the leaseholder was too embarrassed to show the space. Or even worse, she was fearful that somebody might notice that there is absolutely no attention to fire codes or safety.

At the Project Studios LLC space, we had some live music from local music guru Chris Gibson of Upstart Studios and High Speed Chase who leases rehearsal space from Project. I set up the hastily completed (plaster) Neumann for the event.

(plaster) Neumann

I managed to arrive early enough to have my photo taken for the the website. The event was moderately successful with pretty good attendance. I am not sure it will make a difference in the future of the building, but if the Tenants Association proposal for the site’s redevelopment influences nothing but the timeframe for demolition, it would have been worth the trouble.

Nick De Pirro at Project Studios LLC


New Posts

Monday, May 26th, 2008


I am starting to use a totally different, and hopefully better, blog engine for Project Studios.

I was using the .mac/iWeb service/app combo, but it is pretty difficult to post images. The Apple template uses a separate image page by default, and deviation results in too much time wasted on fighting the ajax code to get things to place where you want them. In a few minutes, I will migrate all the old stuff to the new Word Press publisher that I am using to write this post. Many things have happened since the last post, so I will try to get some good images and text up.


Monday, May 26th, 2008


OK, so it is pretty impossible to migrate the content from the old blog to the new one. Better to just leave it alone, I guess. Let’s use a link to get us there. That works. I backdated this post so it would appear like it was first.

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